Sosua, located on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic is a top tourist destination for Americans and Europeans decades. The airport, commonly referred to as POP (Puerto Plata) is a mere 4 miles from the tourist town of Sosua. There is a very large expatriate community in Sosua, which consists of mostly German, British, American, and Canadian expats.

The Bay attracts many water sports enthusiast, including snorkelers and divers because of its sheltered, calm waters, diverse species of fish and intricate reef structures. In the winter, whale watching is a popular tourist activity.

There are several beaches, Sosua Beach, which is a crescent-shaped bay protected by coral formations and clear waters for divers and snorkelers. Sosua’s other beaches are Waterfront (also called cul de sac), Paradise beach (actually shifts on and off every several months), Playa Imbert and Playa Chiquita. Waterfront beach is only 7 years old, created after a storm around 2002. There is also sport fishing.
Sosua is also known for their night life of restaurants and clubs. The locals are very friendly and will certainly show you a good time. Quite a few speak English and many other languages.
The $ exchange usually ranges from $40 to $48. Most of the drivers can point you in the direction of getting the best rate exchange for your $. When visiting this gem of an Island, please obey all laws.